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Feb 29, 2020

Workshops / Training

EXACT Training Services provide customised training to business clients. We will tailor a training programme to suit the development needs for your staff.



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21 Sep, 2020
Employee Development and Retention
Now, more than ever, managers and leaders need to modify the employee experience for the long term. Professional development is an excellent way to show your employees that you acknowledge and respect
14 Sep, 2020
Leadership Attributes/ Characteristics
Are you a leader? Do you think you have what it takes to be a leader? Below are some of the leadership attributes that a good leader must possess. 1.Honesty and Integrity The supreme quality
07 Sep, 2020
Tips that will help you Build Self-Confidence
What is Self-Confidence – and Why Is It Important? Self-confidence is trusting your judgment and abilities, value yourself and feel worthy, regardless of any imperfections or of what others may

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We are flexible to fit in your desired business model and so we deliver tailored services in different ways to suit your business needs. We can work with you in a variety of ways whether you need A