Industrial Relation (IR)
Feb 29, 2020

Industrial Relation (IR)

Industrial peace is key for sustained achievement of an organization’s objectives. To achieve this, an organization must develop appropriate Industrial Relations strategies, plans, programs, policies, systems and procedures.
Our Industrial Relations services aim to assist organizations in developing and maintaining industrial peace.

The Industrial Relations services we provide may include all or part of the following with no limitation to the list:

  • Conducting IR management audits
  • Conducting employees satisfaction surveys
  • Formulating IR strategies, plans and programs
  • Developing employees feedback & grievance system
  • Assistance in handling strikes and lock-outs
  • Assistance in handling employees onboarding and exiting process
  • Assistance in improving employees’ relations
  • Assistance in improving relations with Trade unions
  • Assistance in handling disciplinary matters
  • Handling grievances
  • Dealing with day - to - day HR related matters
  • Preparing HR policies, procedures manual and employees handbook


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